Ode Now presents Johan Boswinkel from The Intelligent Optimist

Learning the essentials of Biontology™ and
biophoton light therapy


• What are biophotons?

• How can biophoton therapy aid in a wide range of diseases/conditions?

• How has Johan Boswinkel’s machine ‘The Chiren®’ revolutionized biontology™?

Johan Boswinkel Videos on:

Chronic Fatigue


Regina Meredith – GAIAM TV Interviews Johan Boswinkel



How the body really Works!


Heart & Vascular Disease

“My Healing Room” Interview with Johan Boswinkel

pdfEAV The Basics by Dr. Reinhard Voll
In the late 1940’s, a German medical doctor and engineer, Dr. Reinhard Voll, began researching and proving an innovative testing…

Eureka ! Healing with Light! by Ursula Sautter 2007 Ode Magazine
Light may one day be used to prevent disease. For 30 years, German scientist physicist Fritz-Albert Popp has been working on experiments that are revolutionizing medicine.

pdfHigh Cholesterol, Low Cholesterol by Johan Boswinkel…
There are many people who swallow a number of pills to lower their cholesterol levels that are allegedly too high. 


pdfElectron Spin Inversion – A Danger to Your Health by Johan Boswinkel
Many people suffer these days from chronic fatigue, also called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis(M.E.), or Fibromyalgia…


pdfHeal Thyself by Dr. Edward Bach
Dr. Bach is well known for his genuine mix of humble spirituality and down-to-earth understanding, and his simple philosophy has been a…

pdfResearch on Human Blood by Sjoerd Pet, Menno Pet
By  Authors: © 2011, Menno Pet, Sjoerd Pet, Netherlands Supervisor: Chris Endler, Austria – This research was performed to investigate if Biophoton Therapy with ‘Biophoton Therapy Device J. Boswinkel’ will have any perceptible effect on the human blood.



pdfCentennial Celebration by Popp
One of us remembers a discussion with Herber Frohlich, over 20 years ago, about the question as to what experiments have to be performed…
pdfProperties Of Biophotons by Dr. Popp
The word “biophotons” is used to denote a permanent spontaneous photon emission from all living systems. It displays a few up to some hundred…
pdfCoherence Of Biophotons by Dr. Popp
Biophoton emission is a general phenomenon of living systems. It concerns low luminescence from a few up to some hundred photons-per-second…