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The Biophoton work is so effective, and Amy is down to earth, intuitive and so great to work with. I have had chronic neck issues for 30 years and in 5 sessions, it reversed itself back to how it felt when it first started. For years I wasn’t able to sleep well because of it. Now it’s almost unnoticeable now and my neck is strong enough to not get triggered into regression. I found with the treatments that, not only did my injury reverse, a lot of other issues I didn’t know I had were getting resolved at a core emotional and physical level. It’s amazing and effective technology and the science behind it is fascinating. If you are looking to resolve something that is stagnant or a mystery, you must give this a chance. It can help address so many physical issues  Whether on it’s own or combined with whatever you are doing now, you will see significant results if you add this to your self treatment or maintenance plan.
Susannah L. Kailua-Kona, HI

Amy is a wealth of information and a true and gifted healer.  My son and I both struggled with insomnia, and after only a few treatments and implementing Amy’s suggestions, we’ve both been able to sleep solidly through the night.  The combination of biophoton therapy and reducing EMF’s (by moving our internet router, Apple watches, cell phones on airplane mode and not in the room) in addition to blackout shades, ear plugs, and Natural Calm was just the ticket to our perfect night sleep.  It also significantly helped my son with his anxiety and depression.  We look forward to continuing our sessions with Amy to resolve our other health issues.  She is a godsend!  Many thanks to her!

Sarah B. San Rafael, CA

Amy! I’m sorry I’m just getting back to you. I felt so much better in my back after that session. It eliminated all my back pain sensation that I’ve had for YEARS. Today, it was back a little but it seems like it shifted inward. So crazy! I’ve also been realllllly cold at times. Can’t get warm no matter what. Lots of kundalini, also felt like it was connected to blood circulation clearing. The cough shifted from yellow to white/clear and is lighter. So cool! I’m excited to keep working!


Bryn O. Walnut Creek, CA

I’ve been seeing Amy for 6 months now and I can tell the light therapy is really helping my body heal itself.  It’s an amazing way to clear my body of toxins and restore internal balance.  I have a complicated case of Lyme and MCAS, but if I stay consistent with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the light therapy helps to improve my symptoms and overall health.  Amy is an incredibly intelligent, kind and dedicated healer.  She has done a ton of research and is passionate about helping others using a natural and holistic approach.
Mollie L. Lafayette, CA

“You’re treated with your own light. Every dysfunction can be identified.”…. Johan Boswinkel

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